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Final Fantasy VIII
.: After the Fact :.
The Bookworms & Booya Saga - vol. 2
eBook ISBN | 9781301778669

Update: 3/19/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

Who says life after confessing an attraction gets easy? The level of difficulty and challenge only changes, along with the playing field. So, when shy librarian Sally Regal finally confesses that she likes Instructor Zell Dincht as more than friends, how exactly will that affect her life?

Zell has always been the class clown, or the compulsively-honest freshly-out-of-Garden graduate doing his best to keep up with the rest. Now he's found a girl that looks at him differently than any other person he's known. Will it change who he is?

And who will change more?

1) The Day After 2) Working It Out 3) Field Exam
4) A Better Daydream 5) A Security Issue 6) Diplomas, Plans & Sally Regal
7) Fairytale Options 8) First Daze 9) Seeking the Romantic