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Final Fantasy VIII
.: Bookworms and... Booya! :.
eBook ISBN | 9781301973262

Awarded by Seiftis Forever on 5/28/2003

Update: 3/19/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

Author's Note: Bookworms and Booya has been the most satisfying and enjoyable writing experiences of my life. I have learned so many facets of writing, human character, and the joy of life that my own will never be the same. Mostly because in B&B I kept carefully away from my usual drama of Terra, the Ace of Diamonds, Heart of the Veldt, Of Damsels and Dragons, A Rose by Any Other Name, etc. The challenge of writing a light-hearted fic (what some people call 'fluff') wouldn't be ignored.

It has become so much fun, in fact, that since posting the story here in January of 2002, I've added days of adventure and whatnot for both. After all, who says the adventures of life and living and loving stop at the happy ending?

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