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Taking the Final Thrill

"What the--" The groggy, female voice cut off, the following silence almost immediately shattered by a shriek and a shout of "Almasy, what the hell are you doing?!" that made those few SeeD and Candidates only just arriving from the Dincht wedding reception at Deling Garden halt and look farther down the corridor of the dorms. The order of "Put me down!" could be heard throughout Balamb Garden's dormitory corridors, again followed by a shriek, but no return statement.

Candidates and SeeD exchanged glances while whispering amongst themselves if they should contact security. Eyes widened and whispers became mutters as the Head of Garden Network Security - Seifer Almasy - proceeded down the corridor to the administration dorm-rooms dressed in full SeeD blues, a sheet-wrapped form over his left shoulder and a smirk on his face and twinkling in his green eyes. Each Candidate and SeeD received a slight acknowledging nod before he passed, revealing the tousled and mussed Janine Larabie pounding his back with fists while swearing words many hadn't ever heard before.

"Almasy, if you don't put me down I'm going to beat your ass into next week, Hyne's ass if you're the Head of Garden-damn-Network Security or not!"

Seifer simply nodded to another wide-eyed SeeD as he continued toward the administration dorm-rooms.

"I swear, Almasy," she hissed, temporarily pausing a particularly brutal attack to his back, "If you put me down, you'll be seeing stars and rockets for three years, I'll beat your manhood so bad! You think you're going to get away with this? Like hell! Now put me down!"

To a watching Candidate's amazement, Seifer did as ordered. He placed Janine onto her feet, hands at her waist to steady her, and smirked down into her now wide-eyed and mouth-gaping expression of shock. Then he leaned slightly closer and asked, "Will it be painful?" which resulted in a blink, a click of Janine's mouth closing, and then silence. Smirk twitching slightly, Seifer again lifted her up and onto his left shoulder.

Janine shrieked and began yet another tirade of swearing consisting of threats of harm should he set her down a second time, or should he not set her down a second time. Seifer didn't seem to be at all bothered by the threats. Instead, he had his arm securely around her legs just beneath her butt, even going so far as to occasionally reach over and firmly pat it. That, of course, would let fly another succession of promises of harm should she be alone with him. Only one time did Seifer say, "Promises, promises," before remaining quiet and walking those last steps to the last dorm-room in the corridor.

The door opened to reveal another familiar face, Ahndra 'Fujin' Kelley, also wearing her SeeD dress blues. One side of her lips twitched upward before she stepped back out of the way and gestured farther inside the dorm-room. Commander Squall Leonhart struggled into the SeeD dress jacket while instructing a laughing Marshal Beita - viewing the scenario via secure webcam - to stop laughing and take it seriously.

Instead, Marshal fell out of his chair.

At the sound of Cmdr. Squall's voice, Janine ceased swearing and lifted her head, twisting her trunk enough to gape at the trio - four, if she counted Marshal howling unseen from his office at Galbadia - that didn't seem to notice her lack of clothes or her predicament. "No disrespect intended, sir," she hissed, aiming a look of doom and death at the Commander, "but can't you see that I need a little bit of damn help!"

While struggling with his buttons, Squall motioned toward Seifer with a lift of his chin. "Seifer, set her down."

"There's less risk to my person with her--"

Janine reared on him, going for his head with a snap of "You bastard!" just as he shifted her position to set her onto the floor. The shift was so sudden and so unexpected that she nearly lost the white sheet he had surreptitously covered her with while dragging her from her bed, half-asleep.

"Careful, Larabie. You're out of uniform."

"Oh I'll give you 'out of uniform'," she barked, bringing her hands up to the sheet to untangle the mess.

Seifer smirked, covering her hands with one of his. "That's for after the ceremony, Janine."

She glared up at him. "What the hell are you talking about? What damn ceremony?"

Ahndra stepped up and presented Seifer with something then. The 'something' made the glare melt from Janine's expression, replaced instead with a somewhat blank look as she stared at the pair of gold bands.

Seifer accepted the bands, giving Ahndra a slight nod before focusing on Janine.

She looked up, blinking. "Seifer... What the hell?"

"I'm making an honest woman out of you, Larabie," he informed, still slightly smirking. "You've got a problem with that?"

She focused again on the gold bands while very slightly shaking her head.

"Unless you don't think ole HOS can handle a spit-fire bitch like you?"

At that, Janine looked sharply up, her look of amazement warming to a similar smirk as what could be seen on his face. "Oh I've no problem thinking you can handle me any way you like. Sir."

Seifer chuckled as he turned her about-face. "Whenever you're ready, sir."

Squall's lips twitched upward as he opened the manual to the marked page and began the ceremony.

Seifer closed the door to his dorm-room behind him as Janine stepped further into the room. "I said I didn't want to wear white to my wedding," she muttered as she adjusted the rumpled sheet around her.

Smirking, Seifer stepped forward and rested his hands on her sheet-covered shoulders as he kissed her neck. "Let's do something about that..."

The End

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