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Final Fantasy VI
.: The Heart of the Veldt :.
The Terra Saga - vol. 5
eBook ISBN | 9781301329267

Alice seems to run from life at Border on the Veldt rather than facing it and making it better. Instead, her life is all about leaving home for the Academy, returning only to cure the Veldt. She wants to be more than what she is, and the simple life isn't enough.

Gau has had his adventure and relishes the simple life. Befriending Alice because of a common love for the Veldt, he does his best to make sure her choices are made for the right reasons. By the end, he learns more about himself and what he wants. Will Alice learn the same lesson?

1: The Introduction 2: First Days
3: Heroes, Groupies & the Veldt 4: Thoughts of the Veldt
5: Beach Bunnies & Flower Fields 6: The Sharing of Walks and Bonds
7: The Paper and the Veldt 8: The Label
9: Escapes and Farewells 10: Another First Day
11: Dreams and Introductions 12: Realizations and Responses

The characters and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE-Enix. They are used without permission (though I would love to have permission) and not to be seen as my property. The characters of Alice, Eric, Paytha, Lena, Raquel, Riley, Carol, etc are my own creation. They are not to be used without permission.