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Final Fantasy VIII
.: The Bookworms & Booya Saga - vol. 5 :.
.: My Happy After :.

For shy Sally Regal, the expected euphoria and romance of the perfect honeymoon is quickly changed to a challenge of intimacy and communication.

The following story deals with some rather heavy issues regarding intimacy in marriage. The issue being guilt. I have done my best to handle this tender problem in the most tasteful fashion possible (as I'm using this as a way to face and work through my own fear of intimacy), but this may still be quite graphic for some of my younger readers. I encourage you to talk to your parents about sex and the importance of waiting, safe-sex, etc.

Thanks Pepper and Catmint for your input.

1) Beginning Afters 2) The Plan of Change
3) Lessons 4) Rocking the Boat
5) The Search 6) Dawn
7) A Dream of Winhill 8) Mega-Confessions
9) 'Lova Smotha' 10) Esper Whispers ~ in process
11) 'Other Adventures' incomplete

The characters within this story and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE-Enix. They are used without permission and not to be seen as my property. The character of Zachari Tahlson is my own creation. He is not to be used without permission.