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.: Breath of Fire III
.: A Wyndian Princess :.

Author's Note: I have always loved the Breath of Fire series by Capcom. I suppose I always will. To show my appreciation to Capcom for the wonderfully entrancing stories and the captivating characters they created, I have written this fanfic. Now while many BoF fans usually pair Ryu with Nina (thank you for writing Katt's Tears, Jason), as an author I have always abhorred the 'easy pairing'. Now this isn't to say that I don't agree the two would make an adorable couple! Ryu would make a grand dragon prince. In A Wyndian Princess, I wanted to hold to my passion for writing the not-so-obvious pairings, stories, or what-have-you. So I've concocted this story that pairs Nina with a gentleman she normally wouldn't have met but for the right circumstances...

Nina, Ryu, Momo, and King/Queen Wyndia characters property of Capcom(R); Shamus character, and story, property mintbaby