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Final Fantasy VII
.: Of Damsels and Dragons :.

Author's Note: For some reason, many of the fan-base of Final Fantasy VII (on which the following characters are based) often pair the villain, Sephiroth, with the heroine, Aeris Gainsborough. Myself and many of my friends have done our best to speculate why this might be, with the only reason plausible being that human nature simply does not want to believe someone/something as evil as Sephiroth could exist. In order to save his soul... if he has one, that is - these fans concoct love stories that take place in FF7's realm of "heaven" called the Lifestream, or elsewhere. I haven't read them due to the fact that if ever I see a story is based on putting those two together for a romantic/intimate entanglement, I shudder.

In any regard, I was challenged to write a Sephi/Aeris fic some time ago. Being the glutton for punishment and challenge-lover that I am, I set out to find the best and most conceivable plot that would serve as a catalyst for such an unlikely romance. I found it in a present day setting revolving around the intricacies of stage and screen....

1) The Audition 2) Impressions
3) Adventurous Irresponsibility 4) Dawning
5) Cause and Effect 6) Garret Harrison
7) Rehearsals 8) Awkward Conversations of Bliss
9) Lectures 10) Schedules
11) A Lesson to Shakespeare 12) The Unwanted Eulogy
Bittersweet (alternate ending) Epilogue (goes along with the 'A/E')

The characters within this story and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE- Enix. They are used without permission and not to be seen as my property. The characters of Max Shepherd and Renee are my own creation. They are not to be used without my permission.