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Final Fantasy VIII
.: The Reluctant Knight :.
part of The Bookworms & Booya Saga
eBook ISBN | 9781301874446

Update: 3/19/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

Seifer Almasy. Killer of Odin. Killer of SeeDs. Traitor.

But now he's found a place among those SeeD he originally betrayed, struggling against their suspicion and his past in order to atone for an order he never wanted to give. Yet what toll does that dedication to atonement take on a man who holds fast to a 'romantic dream' twisted by a Sorceress from the future?

And can a portion from his painful past help him make way for a different beginning?

1: Hell's Morning 2: The Rush
3: Thrill Seekers 4: A Different Invitation
5: Buttons 6: Bed Rest
7: The Wrong Question 8: Green Eyed Monsters
9: The Problem 10: A Control Issue
11: The Last Secret 12: Twisted Dreams of Romance
Epilogue: The Next Thrill

The characters within this story and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE- Enix. They are used without permission and not to be seen as my property. The characters of Marshal Beita, Janine Larabie, Danny Larabie, Mr. and Mrs. Larabie. are my own creations. They are not to be used without my permission.