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.: Breath of Fire III
.: Beating That :.

Author's Note: I know that mostly everyone who has read or played or watched the Breath of Fire series has a tendency of placing Ryu with Nina and Rei with Momo. I'm not necessarily opposed to these pairings, because I can definitely see how they are supported in thought process. But, I have a tendency of fighting tooth and nail against the ordinary. Plus, I really love creating original characters that could very well have fit into the storyline of the game.

Enter Rei and Ryu. Nina has been wed ala arranged marriage, and Ryu's friendship with Momo is taking a surprising turn (for details read A Wyndian Princess and Evolutions by MPrime at, respectively). Rei seems to be taking the pair-offs quite well. In fact, he almost looks to be so comfortable with his single status that nothing could keep him from being a bachelor for life...

...And then his nose twitches and his ears pick up the trill of a feminine purr of laughter...

Rei and Ryu characters, and the world they live in, are the property of Capcom. They are used without permission. Tai, Soma, and this story is my property. Do not use/borrow without my permission.