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Final Fantasy VII
.: A Rose By Any Other Name :.
eBook ISBN | 9781301417414

dedicated to Vincent Valentine; the tortured soul.

Update: 3/24/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

Vincent Valentine. Turk. Genetically engineered horror. Professor Natalie Long has fantasized the day she would find his resting place. A scientist who studied under Professor Gast, she believes she has found the means to cure him of the darker side to his nature. But when the cure could lead to his death, she isn't so certain she can live without him.

1) A Plea for Sleep 2) Picnics for the Soul
3) Romantic Interludes 4) The Interview
5) The Profound in a Simple 'Hello' 6) Wonderings of a Bad Temper
7) Whispers of History 8) Elsewhere...
9) Experiments of Frustration 10) Nightmare Angel
11) Conversions 12) The Choice That Wasn't
13) An Odd Discovery 14) Passions
15) The Waiting 16) A Final Farewell

The characters within this story and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE- Enix. They are used without permission (though I would love to have permission) and not to be seen as my property. The character of Professor Natalie Long is my own creation. She is not to be used without permission.