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Final Fantasy VI
.: Terra :.
eBook ISBN | 9781301260997

Update: 4/11/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

The characters of Final Fantasy VI have long been a fascinating part of my life. Of course, the characters of many of the older SQUARE titles have given me hours of enjoyment and laughter as well as tears and irritation. One particular aspect of Final Fantasy VI that I felt to be left unspoken - reasonably so, perhaps - was the question of our young heroine. Somewhat timid and uncertain, yet strong and determined. Na´ve and innocent, and yet she'd seen and caused so much death. She was passionate and powerful, and yet seemed to embrace and epitomize purity.

One facet of her character that was left to itself was an unacceptable ending for me. So in 'Terra' - only the second piece I ever attempted - I opened her eyes and her heart to the possibilities. I gently opened doors and allowed her the discovery of who she was and what she wanted.

1) A Lurking Shadow 2) Games, Women, and Tears
3) An Esper Angel 4) Plots, Plans, and the Queen of Hearts
5) The Lights and Sights of Zozo 6) Pretty Vows and Grand Escapes
7) Secrets, Answers, and Revelations 8) A Fading Light
9) Traps, Villains, and the Card of Death 10) Marbles, Wagers, and Whatsits
11) The Proposal 12) A Confession of Dreams
13) A Revelation of the Truth Epilogue

The characters within this story and the world they live in are the property of SQUARE-Enix«. They are used without permission and not to be seen as my property. The character of Ledo Grikea is my own creation. He is not to be used without permission.