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Final Fantasy VIII
.: In Theory by JSeay :.
.: part of the Bookworms & Booya saga :.

Update: 3/19/13: This series is now available in eBook format at, FREE.

Radical Purists attempted to syphon information from Garden using Quistis' computer. Sally Regal made it possible for them to be stopped and suffer Seifer's Garden justice. Now there is a possibility not all of the radicals have been subdued. Will Quistis be able to find those responsible before they find her?

Author's Note: This story will take place almost directly after/during Life's Lessons on Stress, The Reluctant Knight, The Workings of 'Happy Ever After, and My Happy After. The main concept of the story was mine, but JSeay took up the mantle of writing this monster. I supplied the base of the first few chapters and only helped with overall story smoothing in the later ones. ^_^ Those are all JSeay.

Prologue: E-mails 1) Circumstances
2) The Plan 3) Mission Status
4) Undercover Blues 5) Mission Launch
6) Hark 7) Unsung Heroes
8) Objectives 9) Mission Resolve
Epilogue: New Missions