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.: The Legend of Legaia | by Prokion :.

Legend of Legaia carries you along as you see and enact the story of three heroes destined to save the world. Whily you might think this is a 'Played out storyline', you have so much more to expect from this. It has a unique fighting style/battle engine to it that keeps you, in my opinion, constantly involved. You play as the heroes of this great game trying to revive the Genisis trees and push back the evil mist to save the world!

The mist has covered the land for 10 years, and one woman reflects on who she has grown to become within it; due to her love for one man...

Set within the city of Ratayu after Van Saryu is defeated by our trio of Ra-Seru heroes, a certain bride of Saryu receives a surprising visitor with an even more surprising purpose...

The Unbride of Ratayu
Peace of a different kind has settled over Ratayu and its Lord. Will it continue? Or is the silver lining about to tear?

The Bride of Saryu
A destiny has been lost. Now Lord Van Saryu must choose between the city he loves and the woman he desires.