Legaia 2: Duel Saga



ah-ah-ahCHOO "Yeah?" *snort, sniffle*

A young lady with reddish brown hair and brilliant green eyes pushed back the tent flap and peeked her head inside. She offered a small and timid smile before stepping in the rest of the way. In her hands were a steaming mug and bowl .

The young man 'Lang' sat up from his place on the mat, running his arm along his nose with another sniffle. "Hey, Maya," he greeted with a smile, his blue eyes watching her approach. "You shouldn't be in here. You'll get sick, too."

Maya set the mug beside him and knelt, still holding the bowl. "I brought you some tea and broth," she said softly. She offered it to him, and he eagerly took it.

"Mmmm," Lang said, surprise in his expression as he tasted a spoonful. "This is good."

Maya only softly smiled as she watched him eat.

"Where did you learn to make soup like this?" he asked between spoonfuls.

"My mother."

Lang finished the soup and then handed her the bowl with a wide smile. "Can I have some more?"

Maya softly laughed as she set the bowl aside. "No, no." Then she rested her hands on each of his bare shoulders and pushed him down. "You need rest, so your body can fight it." Maya pulled the blanket up to his armpits and then turned to retrieve the steaming mug. She supported him into the drinking of the tea while softly telling him, "This will help you sleep."

Lang dutifully drank the tea, watching Maya between sips and swallows, though she continued to focus on the angle of the mug so as not to pour too much. Then the tea was done and she supported him back under the blanket, pulling it up to his chin this time.

"Thanks, Maya," Lang said in a somewhat groggy tone.

Maya smiled her response as she watched his eyelids droop and then close. Then he took in and released a deep breath before his breathing steadied to that of sleep. Maya's smile softened, and she reached out to brush some stray hairs of black from his face. Then she leaned forward, pressed her lips gently against his forehead, and quietly stood to leave the tent.