Legaia 2: Duel Saga


"Hey, Maya."

Maya turned from her view of the ocean on the deck of the pirate ship - Sharon's pride and joy - to watch the handsome young man with the grayish blue eyes and black hair approach. She smiled. "Hi, Lang," she timidly greeted, looking away from him to again stare out to sea.

Lang leaned his arms against the wooden railing as he followed her gaze. "You okay?"

Maya nodded, wordlessly, and sent him a shy smile before again facing ahead. She noticed his occasional glances but didn't meet them. Instead, she gripped the railing and said, "It's lovely, the sea," in a soft tone. "It's never the same from moment to moment."

Lang's lips twitched upward as he watched her.

His continued focus drew her eyes. "I'm glad you let me come along with you, Lang."

The sea drew his focus. "Sure thing, Maya. It's been great having you along."

Her expression brightened. "Really?" she asked softly.

"Yeah." Lang sent her a smile. "You're more fun to talk to then Sharon or Kazan."

Maya flushed while voicing a soft "Thank you," and looking away.

Lang regarded her a moment before turning to lean his back and elbows against the railing. "Hey, Maya?"

"Hmm?" she asked as she watched the soothing ripple of the moon off the water.

"Is Faldo..."

Maya blinked in surprise and turned her face to meet Lang's uncertain expression.

"Is he your boyfriend?"

Maya flushed and giggled, giving a shake of her head. "No, no, Lang. We've known each other for years. We grew up together."

"But... what about..."

"Some times... Some times he thinks things that aren't true."

"So..." Lang shook his head, again meeting Maya's eyes. "He's not?"

She shook her head again. "No," she said softly.

"Oh." Lang straightened and faced her. "Okay then." He smiled and gathered her face into his hands, leaning forward--

--Maya startled awake. Then she frowned and gave a soft protest as she smacked the blankets. Always right there! She harumphed and tightly crossed her arms as she glowered at the ceiling of the ship. But, ever so slowly, her lids drooped and lowered and her lips lilted upward in a soft smile as she drifted to hopeful dreams.