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To alleviate confusion as to character histories, story participation, and 'where are they now', the Mintfield Flowers worked together to draft a collection of pertinent biographies.

These biographies include information regarding both game and original characters, listing that personal history leading up to their introduction into the story, which installment handles their introduction, and where they are at the most recent point in the serial Bookworms and... Booya!.

Each biography will be updated as their life evolves/matures in the story. Pertinent points that come to light in the storyline (whether that be history or future plans), will be added as needed. However, keep in mind that the following biographies are only offered as a general presentation of information. An FYI. A more detailed account of the characters will, of course, be found in the pertinent stories holding their introduction.

Those involved with the drafting of the biography will be listed as a 'footnote'. Please feel free to contact them with praise and commentary. Thank you Bergamot (MPrime) for suggesting and initiating this treasure-trove of information!