Kyrie Crest

Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Kyrie Faith Crest
Nickname – Ky
Age – 15
Height – 5′ 7″
Eye Color – Blue (glowing)
Hair Color – Blonde
Blood Type –
Date of Birth – March 22
Place of Birth – Centra
Weapon – Flamberge Claymore
Special Skill –
Graduating SeeD Rank –
Current SeeD Rank –
Current Position/Title – SeeD Candidate
First Appearance – ‘What If’ Dreams

Personality: Kyrie has been known to be an outspoken and fiery person like her uncle, Seifer Almasy. However, since she was twelve, she has grown increasingly quiet and almost shy in social situations. When she is home or comfortable with a group of people, she reverts to her ‘Almasy spirit’. Her ‘shyness’ does not affect her extra determination when doing projects/etcetera in groups.

History: Fraternal twin to Liam Waite Crest, Kyrie was born as a Fire Adept like her mother. Because of her ability, Kyrie has been shunned by other candidates, even though she was raised in Centra. ‘Witch-girl’ and other derogatory names have been placed on her since they saw her ability in action. Regarding her military background her father has trained her with the claymore since age five, and she has attended SeeD classes since the same age.
~Biography submitted by: Cinnamon Thyme

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