Liam Crest

Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Liam Waite Crest
Nickname – Li
Age – 15
Height – 5′ 9″
Eye Color – Green (glowing)
Hair Color – Dark/Chocolate Brown
Blood Type – N/A
Date of Birth – March 22
Place of Birth – Centra
Weapon – Glove
Special Skill – Duel
Graduating SeeD Rank – N/A
Current SeeD Rank – N/A
Current Position/Title – SeeD Candidate
First Appearance – ‘What If’ Dreams

Personality: Unlike his fraternal twin, Kyrie Crest, Liam has his father’s softer spirit. Quiet, although not shy, he may be called the ‘subtle Almasy’. Even though he has a ‘tamer’ demeanor, Liam has the potential to be just as ‘sparked’ as his sister, mother, and uncle.

History: Raised at Centra, Liam was introduced to Duel at age 5 by ‘Aunt and Uncle’ Sally and Zell Dincht. Liam likes to make frequent trips to Winhill, Goromon, and Balamb to visit, respectively, the Dinchts, his Grandpa Crest, and Uncle Seifer. He was registered into Garden the same time as Kyrie.
~Biography submitted by: Cinnamon Thyme

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