Natalie Valence

Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Natalie Valence
Nickname – Na
Age – 15
Height – 5′ 6″
Eye Color – Orange-brown
Hair Color – Orange-brown
Blood Type –
Date of Birth – November 17
Place of Birth – Deling
Weapon – Nunchaku
Special Skill –
Graduating SeeD Rank –
Current SeeD Rank –
Current Position/Title –
First Appearance – ‘What If’ Dreams

Personality: Natalie is very quiet during a social situation at first, especially when its with other SeeDs or SeeD candidates. Feeling that she’s on the outside of SeeD, she almost isolates herself intentionally. When Natalie opens up to her close friends, she is a twist of spunkiness and sophistication.

History: Born to a government/entrepreneur’s family, Natalie lived in Deling for eleven years. After Centra Garden was built and became secure, the Valence family moved to a town called Axis in hopes of business gains and a less violent and healthier environment. Natalie was then sent to Centra Garden.
~Biography submitted by: Cinnamon Thyme

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