Shayna Beita

Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Shayna Beita
Nickname – Bubbles, AlphaBeita, AlphaDawg
Age – 21
Height – 5′ 7″
Eye Color – Purple
Hair Color – Black with gold streaks
Blood Type –
Date of Birth – February 14
Place of Birth – Winhill
Weapon – Custom dual pistols
Special Skill –
Graduating SeeD Rank – 7
Current SeeD Rank –
Current Position/Title – Special Forces – Vehicle Specialist
First Appearance – N/A

Personality: Shayna Beita is a confident, independent person. Although she may not know it, she exudes ‘cool’. Like Marshal, she keeps herself calm under pressure and handles situations as well as she would normally. Socially, Shayna gets along with everyone, even making friends of her instructors. Around Marshal, Shayna becomes very open and loves to push his buttons. She laughs a lot more and is much happier.

History: Shayna was raised in Winhill until the age of eight, when her parents moved to Timber because of her father’s military job. Shayna became friends with Sally Regal and since Shayna’s family was now closer to Dollet, Shayna, Marshal and Katie Beita became close, occasionally meeting on the weekends/holidays, and Shayna started pen-paling Katie. After Katie Beita’s murder, Shayna was sent to Galbadia Garden at the same time her cousin, Marshal Beita, joined Galbadia.
~Biography submitted by: Cinnamon Thyme

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