Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya! ; A Different Daydream (not published)
Name – Ahndra Kelley
Nickname(s) – Fujin, Chicklit, Ana
Age – 21 ; 19
Height – 5′ 3″
Eye Color – Blue / marbled white
Hair Color – Silver
Blood Type – AB
Date of Birth – July 23
Place of Birth – Deling City
Weapon – Shuriken
Special Skill – Pinwheel
Graduating SeeD Rank – 12 (*)
Current SeeD Rank – 18; 20
Current Position/Title – Head Interrogator/Lieutenant, First Class
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Due to Fujin’s extreme aversion to social situations, nothing is known of her personality besides the fact that her demeanor is generally stoic and intense. She demonstrates no tolerance for idiocy.

History: Ahndra’s mother died during childbirth, contributing to the alcoholism of her father, a law enforcement official. While harshly beaten and sexually assaulted during her childhood years, due to his involvement with the law enforcement community he wasn’t incarcerated until Ahndra was 14 years of age after a sexual assault sent her to the intensive care unit at the local University Hospital for two weeks. Charges were later dropped.

At the age of 16, Ahndra followed Seifer Almasy’s advice and enrolled with Balamb Garden. Before she could leave, she was attacked by her father and once more sent to the University Hospital, loss of eyesight in her left eye a direct result from the assault. Her father was again incarcerated for a brief period of time, where he was enrolled in anger management counseling. Ahndra hasn’t seen him since taking on the persona ‘Fujin’ and enrolling at Balamb Garden.

Though distancing herself from Garden at the age of 17 to follow Seifer, she was re-enrolled almost two years later. Exam Qualifier and Field Exam were performed as technicalities.

* Graduating See-D Rank was a 12 (this is 2 levels above the usual ‘perfect score’) due to previous Garden enrollment, accumulated experience, and Field Exam performance.

She has now acquired the title ‘Head Interrogator’ with a position of Lieutenant, First Class. It is rumored that she plans to transfer to Galbadia Garden as an Instructor in Battle Theory, Interrogation Tactics, and Security Techniques. Many speculate this is due to her relationship with Marshal Beita, whom she had befriended when she was 14. She recently re-established her acquaintance with him, their ‘relationship’ growing to encompass somewhat infrequent trips to Galbadia or Balamb Gardens. These trips began shortly after their top-secret mission to Winhill together.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby