Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Janine Rochelle Larabie
Nickname – Janie, Larabie
Age – 23
Height – 5′ 10″
Eye Color – Brown, dark
Hair Color – Black
Blood Type – O
Date of Birth – February 1
Place of Birth – Dollet
Weapon – Gunblade
Special Skill – Blade Fury; Secret Flame
Graduating SeeD Rank – 9
Current SeeD Rank – 20
Current Position/Title – Instructor of Battle Theory, Lieutenant
First Appearance – Life’s Lessons on Stress (B&B-4)

Personality: Outspoken and highly opinionated, Janine Larabie lives for thrills, experience, and getting the last laugh. When on a mission, Janine is solely focused on the duty at hand and does not sway from the end purpose. She is not above questioning orders if it means saving the life of innocent civilians or her squad. Her valor has afforded her several accreditations while her smart-ass quips and tendency to pull pranks (not limited by rank) has kept her rank limited.

History: On her own since the age of 13, she and her brother lived on the street until she was taken in by a missionary and his wife. She left a month later, leaving her brother in their care. She then enrolled at Trabia Garden, taking up the gunblade as her weapon because no other women had done so.

Her friends, Jennifer and Elle, were killed during the Trabia missile attack, this event leading to Janine’s study in weaponsmithing to craft the perfect weapon to extract her revenge. She dubbed the weapon ‘Vengeance’. Due to her extreme training after the attack, she accumulated several honors for her ability with Battle Theory and weapon-craft, even being placed within an elite squad of See-D assigned high-risk missions.

She has recently transferred to Balamb Garden as Instructor of Battle Theory, taking over for Quistis Trepe upon her retirement.
~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby