Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya! ; A Different Daydream (not in print)
Name – Marshal Raymond Beita
Nickname – Dawg, Beitadawg, Squirt
Age: – 22 ; 20
Height – 5′ 9″
Eye Color – Silver
Hair Color – Black
Blood Type – A Positive
Date of Birth – October 3
Place of Birth – Deling
Weapon – Dual 45 pistols
Special Skill – Bullet Rain
Graduating SeeD Rank – 7
Current SeeD Rank – 18 ; 19
First Appearance – B&B-2: After the Fact

Personality: Marshal is a calm individual who thinks before acting, generally only behaving irrationally when protecting the ‘defenseless’ or those he cares about. He is loyal, sometimes to a fault, to his friends and has a tendency of using sarcastic humor to alleviate tension. He displays old-fashioned values and excels under pressure.

History: Raised in Deling City, he and his family were moved to Dollet due to better living environment, higher-class schools, and their Engineer father’s transfer to the Communication Tower.

At the age of 18, Marshal witnessed his younger sister Katie’s rape and murder in Dollet when the Galbadia militia invaded. When he dissolved classes at the local university (at the end of his sophomore year), he enrolled at Galbadia Garden in order to extract revenge. Though he was an extended age (19), the administration at Galbadia Garden accepted his enrollment in hopes it would later fulfill quotas for qualified instructors (upon his expected graduation). The plot to utilize equipment and personnel at Garden for revenge was discovered before he could enact it.

Due to Marshal’s past and present friendship with Seifer, he received probation and a contracted time with Galbadia Garden to serve ‘sentence’. At the end of that period he was recommended as Chief of Security and accepted the position.

Marshal’s cousin, Shayna, is also enrolled at Galbadia Garden.

NOTE: In ADD, Marshal discovered Fujin to be his past friend ‘Ahndra’ when he met her on his Field Exam as a candidate. She was one of the observing See-D. In B&B, Marshal didn’t discover Fujin to be ‘Ahndra’ until he had worked with Garden for almost 4 years.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby