Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya! ; A Different Daydream (not published)
Name – Quistis Sela Trepe
Nickname – Quisty, Quis
Age – 22 (BnB) 20 (ADD)
Height – 5’6″
Eye Color – Blue
Hair Color – Blonde
Blood Type – A
Date of Birth – October 4th
Place of Birth – unknown
Weapon – Chain Whip
Special Skill – Blue Magic
Graduating SeeD Rank – 7
Current SeeD Rank – 29
Current Position/Title – BnB: Head of Instruction, ADD: Instructor: Junior Class
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: There are some that may only see her as stern and serious, but that’s only the shallow end of the deep pool of emotion that defines Quistis’ personality. To her close friends, Quistis is a guardian, a confidant, a sister, and a loyal friend even through the toughest of times. Quistis is always cordial when meeting new people, but she’ll remain guarded until she fully trusts you. Friendship is something Quistis takes seriously, and it shows.

History: Quistis was raised at the Kramer’s orphanage along with Squall, Seifer and crew. At the age of 15 she became a SeeD, and then an instructor shortly after. Her youth allows her to relate to her students better than most instructors, making her one of the most popular teachers at Balamb. One group of students even started a fan club devoted to her, affectionately calling themselves “Treppies.” Many instructors would often look down on her due to her age, but what she lacks in years she makes up in experience. Quistis’ knowledge of battle theory and whip-slinging is un-matched.

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