Timeline – Bookworms and Booya!
Name – Thomas Corander
Nickname – Raijin
Age – 21
Height – 6′
Eye Color – Brown
Hair Color – Black
Blood Type – O
Date of Birth – June 12
Place of Birth – unknown
Weapon – quarterstaff
Special Skill –
Graduating SeeD Rank – 6
Current SeeD Rank – 15
Current Position/Title – Lieutenant; Special Security Officer
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Raijin often comes across as a non-disciplined ‘punk’, though his loyalty to Seifer and ‘Fujin’ is commendable. He leans toward ‘rebellion’ in attitude, and only respects those in authority that have bested him in combat, proving they are stronger and thereby earning his respect.

History: After the second Sorceress War, Raijin passed his exam qualifier and was therefore able to complete his field exam, graduating with average scores his first attempt. Later, he took the SeeD specialty courses and increased his starting rank to 8, specializing in security dispatches and under-cover operations. He is now the lead Lieutenant in the courier services that relays information between Gardens, as well as between informants and security personnel.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby