Timeline – Bookworms and…Booya!; A Different Daydream (not published)
Name – Rinoa Ryann Heartilly
Nickname – Rinny, Rin
Age – 22 (B&B); 19 (ADD)
Height – 5’3 1/2
Eye Color – Brown
Hair Color – Black with Brown low-lights
Blood Type – A
Date of Birth – March 3
Place of Birth – Deling City
Weapon – Blaster Edge
Special Skill – Combine/Angel Wing
Graduating SeeD Rank – n/a
Current SeeD Rank – n/a
Current Position/Title – n/a
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Rinoa is a deeply caring and honest person. She treasures her friendships and is usually nice to everyone in general. Her capacity to love is matched only by her spontaneity, making her a fun, happy person to be with. Rinoa also has an uncanny insight into people, and is always willing to help others in any way she can. Although Rinoa has a very headstrong personality, and would often act before thinking, her first instinct is usually the correct one.

History: Rinoa succeeded Sorceress Edea during the second sorceress war. She is the daughter of General Carraway of Deling, and Julia Heartilly, a popular singer also from Deling. At the age of 17, she was the leader of the resistance group The Forest Owls, located in Timber. Rinoa enlisted the help of SeeD during this time to assist her group with the assassination of Vinzer Deling. From that mission on, she became a very important part of the lives of all those involved with the eventual defeat of the sorceress.

Rinoa currently attends the University of Deling, where she is studying for her Doctorate in Psychology.

Biography submitted by: TheCatMint