Timeline – Bookworms and…Booya!; A Different Daydream (not in print)
Name – Seifer Rune Almasy
Nickname – none
Age – 22 ; 20 (ADD)
Height – 6’2″
Eye Color – Green
Hair Color – Blond
Blood Type – O
Date of Birth – December 22
Place of Birth – Unknown
Weapon – Gunblade
Special Skill – Fire Cross
Graduating SeeD Rank – 15 (B&B); n/a (ADD)
Current SeeD Rank – 20
Current Position/Title – Head of Security (HOS), Balamb Garden
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Not the friendliest guy in the network, Seifer has a reputation that precedes him. He is known to be hard on his team and demands nothing but the best. Seifer was the head of the disciplinary committee at Balamb before the second sorceress war. He always took this his job very seriously, although he was often seen as a bully rather than a true law enforcer.

History: Seifer Almasy was one of two children never adopted from the orphanage owned by Cid and Edea Kramer. His Garden career has been marked with many disciplinary notes and numerous fights. At 18 he fought against Garden with Sorceress Edea and committed several crimes under her influence, one of the worst being the launch of missiles against Balamb and Trabia Gardens.

(B&B): When the war came to its conclusion, Squall Leonhart, commander of Balamb, reinstated Seifer at Garden, enabling him to fulfill his candidacy and complete his Field Exam. Due to his score on the Field Exam, and based upon his performance as a ‘bodyguard’ pre-Garden re-enrollment (100% completion quotient; no casualties), Squall placed Seifer with a graduating rank of 15, so that he would be applicable for the position of Chief of Security. He would eventually go on to become the head of Garden Network Security, reuniting with his estranged sister along the way.

(ADD): Seifer has been missing from Balamb Garden since his field exam. Garden has undergone several retrieval operations. None have been successful.

~Biography submitted by: TheCatMint