Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya! ; A Different Daydream (not published)
Name – Selphie Alexxa Tilmitt
Nickname – Selph, Sylph
Age – 20 ; 19
Height – 5′ 1 1/2″
Eye Color – Green
Hair Color – Brown
Blood Type – B
Date of Birth – July 16
Place of Birth – Unknown
Weapon – Nunchaku
Special Skill – Slot
Graduating SeeD Rank – 7
Current SeeD Rank – 24 ; 20
Current Position/Title – Instructor, Diplomacy – Garden Ambassador
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Selphie grew up in Trabia Garden, located deep in the mountains on the northern continent. Her outgoing personality and sincerity have earned her many friends at all Gardens. This ability has blossomed into an aptitude toward diplomacy and public relations.

History: After the second Sorceress War, Selphie returned to Balamb Garden and became an Instructor. Due to her love of people as well as her ability to accept all character-types, Selphie focused further studies on diplomacy. She has since specialized, thus causing her to be the prime candidate for news releases and submitting proposals to city councils for further Garden establishments. She has a desire to open communications with those establishments and corporations that have previously viewed Garden with suspicion.

(B&B) She has recently made an appointment with The Foundation of World History and will represent the Garden Network as their ambassador.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby