Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Sierra Grace Almasy
Nickname – Si (Jaxon is the only one who calls her this name.)
Age – 23
Height – 5’9″
Eye Color – Green
Hair Color – Blonde
Blood Type – O
Date of Birth – December 22
Place of Birth – Unknown
Weapon – Halberd and Crossbow
Special Skill –
Graduating SeeD Rank –
Current SeeD Rank –
Current Position/Title –
First Appearance – Crest’s Maxim (B&B)

Personality: Sierra Almasy is friendly and almost a complete opposite of her brother, Seifer.

History: Sierra Almasy appeared on the boundary of Balamb Garden after having escaped capture and termination by the group known as the ‘Esthar Brotherhood’.

Kidnapped at the young age of two from the Kramer’s orphanage, no one remembered Sierra, including her own twin brother Seifer. She was given to a family from Galbadia who raised her until the age of ten when they took her to the CIC (Centra Intelligence Command) Academy.

Sierra graduated from the CIC Academy at 16 and went on to rise to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before the base was destroyed.

She is also an Adept; a person able to use magic with no support from a Guardian Force. The only feature separating her from being a sorceress is the fact she is unable to perpetrate mind control.
~Biography submitted by: Peppermint