Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya! ; A Different Daydream (not in print)
Name – Squall Leonard Leonhart
Nickname – Puberty Boy
Age – 21 ; 19
Height – 5′ 10″
Eye Color – Gray-Blue
Hair Color – Brown
Blood Type –
Date of Birth – August 23
Place of Birth – unknown
Weapon – Gunblade
Special Skill – Renzokuken
Graduating SeeD Rank – 8
Current SeeD Rank – A
Current Position/Title – Garden Network Commander
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Squall is sometimes seen as an expressionless and distant young man. He was an extremely gifted and apt student and a natural leader. Many say of Squall ‘He’s a forward thinker who doesn’t let the word “impossible” stop him from doing what he wants to do’.

History (B&B): He began studying at Balamb Garden at the age of 7 in both the academic and military curriculi. Throughout the second Sorceress War he proved himself as a natural leader who never shirked his responsibilities, whether assigned or not.

(Age 18) A few months after the second Sorceress War Squall began actively proposing the idea of joining all Gardens into a ‘Network’. This would establish a broader base of military knowledge and experience, monetary support, and fuller utilization of combined resources. He also proposed that Seifer Almasy be re-instated as a candidate and then be assigned the position Head of Garden Network Security upon his graduation. This position was suggested based on Seifer’s past performance with the Disciplinary Committee and personal reasons Squall would not volunteer.

(Age 19) Upon the final proposal of the Garden Network, all administrators unanimously agreed they would not approve unless Squall be promoted from Commander of Balamb Garden to Garden Network Commander. He accepted.

(Age 20) When the intra/inter Garden Network was being finalized, Squall proposed the building of a high-risk Garden in Deling City to separate those candidates and See-Ds that had a collection of serious infractions on their record. An emphasis on rehabilitation, counseling, and discipline was proposed, with Squall placing behavioral specialist Dr. Levinne on the board for qualifying and assigning care and punishments. The Garden Network now has 6 on-staff psychologist/psychiatrists, all approved by Dr. Levinne and Edea Kramer.

(Age 21) Squall initiated an undercover unit of See-D to track terrorist groups. It operates under strict secrecy, often being classified as “Black-Ops”, and has an unknown number of high-ranking See-D at its core. Last known number of See-D specifically trained for this unit was 20. They are dispersed throughout the world.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby