Timeline – Bookworms and Booya
Name – Zachari Harold Tahlson
Nickname – Harry, G-man
Age – 25
Height – 5′ 8″
Eye Color – Hazel-Green
Hair Color – Red
Blood Type – AB negative
Date of Birth – April 11
Place of Birth – Esthar
First Appearance – My Happy After (incomplete)

Personality: Zachari ‘Harry’ Tahlson is a somewhat classic representation of the ‘absent-minded professor’. He has few social graces, though polite, and has a tendency of being late to appointments if he is currently engrossed in a project or research subject. He is generally always involved with a project or research subject. Due to his social ineptitude, his forte is in working behind the scenes. Harry is said to have a one-track mind.

History: Rated one of the five highest IQs, Harry is a primary source of intelligence in regards to ‘extinct cultures’, specializing in magic folklore and runelore. He has been employed by The Foundation of Pre-Historical Artifacts, a sub-division of The Foundation of World History, since his graduation from the University of Technology in Esthar at the age of 15. He received his Masters in Extinct Cultures at the age of 16 and his doctorate in Magical Folklore at the age of 19. His dissertation focused on the relationship between Guardian Forces and the planet, as well as their possible connection with a legendary race of creatures called Espers.
~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby