Timeline – Bookworms and Booya ; A Different Daydream
Name – Zackary Bryan Regal
Nickname – Zack, Zee
Age – 28 ; 27
Height – 6′ 3″
Eye Color – Hazel
Hair Color – Brown
Blood Type – A
Date of Birth – September 27
Place of Birth – Timber
First Appearance – Life’s Lessons on Stress (B&B-3), A Different Daydream (not published)

Personality: Classified as ‘anal’ by his employees at the Timber television station, Zack is dedicated to the hidden story. He seldom believes what is outwardly presented, especially in regards to organized establishments such as Garden. Due to his tenacious personality and extreme ability to research and investigate, Zack has uncovered several non-Garden related plots regarding terrorist factions, black markets, and corporate extortion. He is extremely dedicated to his family, especially to his younger sister Sally Regal

History: Zackary Regal entered employment at the Timber television station as an intern at the age of 18 after an early graduation from Deling University. Becoming an investigative reporter by the age of 19, he worked long hours and volunteered for as many under-cover and high-risk assignments as possible. His tenacity and enthusiasm for the hidden story afforded him the opportunity to become one of the best investigative reports in his field, having also one of the best information networks of any investigative establishment.

Married at the age of 20 to Sandra Reynolds, an editor of the local high-school paper and teacher of English Literature, Zack and Sandra divorced after little over one year. (Rumors state she accused him of having an affair, but these are unsubstantiated) He has a daughter, Joy, from the marriage who lives with his ex-wife. Zack has only limited custodial rights.

At the age of 21, Zack became manager of the television station and continues to fully pursue those stories dealing with corruption, apathy, and monetary coercion in regards to corporate establishments and private citizens.
~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby