Timeline – Bookworms and… Booya!; A Different Daydream (not in print)
Name – Zellander Hosia Dincht
Nickname(s) – Zell, Booyaboy, Dincht, Chicken-wuss
Age – 20 ; 19
Height – 5′ 5″
Eye Color – Blue
Hair Color – Blonde
Blood Type – B
Date of Birth – March 17
Place of Birth – unknown
Weapon – Gloves
Special Skill – Duel
Graduating SeeD Rank – 6
Current SeeD Rank – 25; 20
Current Position/Title – Head of Instruction ; Instructor of Combat Tactics
First Appearance – Final Fantasy VIII

Personality: Zell is often categorized as a ‘spaz’, ‘klutz’, or irresponsible person who doesn’t take life around him seriously. To those who know him, Zell is seen as fiercely loyal to both Garden and his friends. This loyalty often causes him to react irresponsibly but with good intentions. He is laid back, as he claims that stressing over life isn’t worth it. Zell is eager to accept almost anyone as a friend. He is overzealous in the protection of the less fortunate.

History: (B&B / ADD) After the ‘second’ Sorceress War with Ultimecia resolved, Zell returned to Garden more dedicated to serious study of both Duel and the human body.

At the age of 18 he was added to the Garden roster as an Instructor specializing in hand-to-hand combat as well as weapon/free-hand combat. This specialty has afforded him several promotions, as the papers submitted to Garden and their supported publication establishments have been adopted as standard battle tactics.

Zell is also an on-staff physical therapist, due to his extensive knowledge of the human body. He holds group clinics and one-on-one sessions for those recovering from injury or seeking to improve their body schema/concept.

(B&B) Zell is currently Head of Instruction at Balamb Garden. He is slotted to transfer to Winhill as Facility Administrator upon the security station’s completion.

~Biography submitted by: Mintbaby