Neverwinter is a “free-to-play” MMORPG (massively multi-player role-playing game) set in “one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting”.

I first started playing it on the PlayStation 4 in 2016. (No, it is not part of the Neverwinter Nights series of games). While I fell away because I had no one to play with (my sister played on a different console), I started again in 2018 when I received an Xbox One X for Christmas.

The greatest draw to the game of Neverwinter [for me] is the foundational lore the universe is able to pull from, to say nothing of the storyline(s) throughout the leveling experience. Neverwinter even has unique class and race quests that open up as you progress through the leveling areas, weaving even more character-building enjoyment into your experience.

I understand that many people never pay much attention to the story or the lore because, for them, it’s about loot and making in-game currency. But I thoroughly enjoy the personal aspect of the game. In fact, I love the 0-60 (level) game-play so much that I even created a different character for each class that is currently available on the game:

  • Barbarian – Munwar Meek, inspired by the secondary character from To Save a Soul
  • Cleric – Maera Dawn, story pending inspiration
  • Fighter – Izera Lolliforme (don’t ask)
  • Paladin – Peren Oathbound, story in conceptual stage
  • Ranger – Shadowleaf / Para Sedi, inspired by the main character from To Save a Soul
  • Rogue – Seba Blackblade, name inspired by a character (Sebastian Black) from a table-top campaign module written by the hubs.
  • Warlock – Lawrence Celestine, story pending inspiration
  • Wizard – Laisa Rangorn, name inspired by a character created on Guild Wars, story in conceptual stage.

My goal, and the reason behind creating this page, is to write stories inspired by these characters and their adventures in this compelling game. 🙂 I can hardly wait for Cryptic Studios to unveil the next class so that I can create yet another character to inspire more stories. One of these days I hope they invent the class reroll so that I can take a character I’ve already fallen in love with and turn them into another class….